Friday, August 13, 2004

Ah,what a tangled web we weave.....

just back from watching spiderman 2...the special effects are kick-ass, but other than that the movie resembled the dharmendra movies of old in many ways.
the bad guy undergoes a change of heart in the end,though i suspect that was just to stop spidy from lecturing him.spidy chaats him so bad he drives him to suicide,though he says it's because he actually wants to save new york.
there's even this part where spidy loses his powers only to regain them when aunt may tells him there's a hero in all of us after nearly half an hour(or so it seemed)of a major chaat session.
though,i must say,the sequence where spidy stops the train is real good stuff.
all things considered,it isn't spidy but the SFX dept. that saves the day.
believe me,dudes and dudettes,the train sequence is brilliant.
toby maguire is good,though the lost puppy dog look on his face started getting on my nerves after sometime.
kirsten dunst looks good,nothing very special in her acting though.
the rest of 'em were mediocre.
it's true,though,what aunt may says:there IS a hero in all of us.
i have him to thank for getting me through the corny stuff.

P.S:'chaat' is NITT lingo for boring-cum-irritating.


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