Wednesday, February 15, 2006


A hundred thousand apologies and more to you, Gentle Reader. I have been upto my nostrils in work this semester, what with the daily exam series conducted by our seniors, then our technical festival Pragyan, our department's technical symposium immediately after that and the cycle tests, which got over only yesterday. Now, I can breathe. I haven't written anything new after Yoga, and I shall start right after I post this. I shall probably post over the weekend. However, if some unforeseen calamity does strike me down , you lovely people will please kindly adjust, right?

How presumptuous of me, isn't it, to assume that you guys will be affected by my not posting? But I will, anyway, for it is good for my ego. ;)

Regarding the previous two posts, I was surprised by the response. It was a parody, you know, of all the tragic/melancholy love stories I've read/listened/been subjected to. And I was surprised (actually, devastated) that nobody commented on the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reference in Memoirs-II. I do enjoy Maths a lot, and yes, I would like to do something related to Maths in the future. But a lot of it was exaggeration; the story required it, you know. But it was great fun writing it, and that, I suppose, in the final analysis, is all that matters.