Monday, April 14, 2008


One my friends just quit his job at this company (I think it's best I don't name that organization; therefore: short mother and Sun God guard rear (8) ) and is now preparing for CAT. This was a guy with real enthu for tech- he'd put an excellent AIR in GATE in third year with barely any preparation and cracked a few math-modeling contests at various techfests- and now he's become so disillusioned with the tech scene in India that he wants to go for an MBA. Another friend wanted to quit and play football, apparently. I was willing to sell my soul and study management in case the research thing hadn't worked out (it did, thankfully, and I'm going to Purdue this fall), or perhaps even sit at home and study for CAT/GATE/whatever in case I couldn't convert those calls this time.

So, yeah, work sucks.

P.S. Yeah, yeah, I know it depends on the company and all that, but whatever. I'm just pissed at these companies right now, for selling dreams and then selling short.